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Hey Dave,

I just wanted to tell you personally that I think the masters sound amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us!

Grant Pack

Stay Out

Hello, just a note to thank for producing our tracks so nicely, we have gotten airplay with them immediately, including Rodney On The Rock on Sirius XM !! Thank you so much.

John Worley

The Unclaimed

Recording with Dave was so amazing! I’ve recorded at many different places and always hated the way my vocals came out. They just never seemed to blend with the music. Dave made them sit perfectly in the mix and sound full of energy! Can’t wait to record more ;)

Leah Provencher

The Slithers

It was such pleasure recording with Dave Klein. He always made us feel at home and comfortable in the studio. His vast musical knowledge and production wizardry brought out the best performances of the band. Plus he’s a cool dude to hang out with. If you want to make a great record, Dave is the right man for the job. 

Carrot Topp

Radioactive Chicken Heads

Recording with Dave was rad!!! Works with your band! A good atmosphere for all of us to be creative! Super comfortable and great quality!

Dave Ladd

Off The Wall

Hey!  Just wanted to say, the Organ tracks were VERY well done, thank you so much!  They added so much to the album.  Thanks again, you are a gentleman and a scholar! 

Taylor Riley

Fusion Audio Solutions

Dave it was great working with you this past week. You are a true pro and I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Very happy bro. 

Johnny Byrne

KC and The Sunshine Band

I have to say...this record sounds better than anything I've recorded on in my life! I can't wait to share it with everyone! Thank you Dave!

Christina Lopez

The Hellflowers

My dad was a musician who brought me along to some legendary Hollywood recording studios in the 1960s. Western, American, RCA, Gold Star (where I first recorded) A&M and Cherokee, to name a few. They all shared a common blueprint, an organically good sounding room, reliable microphones and a mad scientist behind the board. 


Dave Klein and his Highland Park studio are steeped in this tradition and his background as a touring musician allows him to quickly communicate ideas. He speaks the language, he knows what works and I'll continue to bring my bands there as long he'll let me.

Dave Provost

The Droogs, The Sloths, Dream Syndicate

Hey Dave, 
Working with you was a great experience for all of us. Your professionalism and your creative prowess in the studio was inspiring.

James, Hunter & Bennet

Good Whales

We recently recorded our first EP with Dave. He possesses the ability to dial in amazing sounds and helps everyone involved feel comfortable. Working with Dave is a pleasure!

Katherine Wing

The Hellflowers

Hey Dave!

I just dropped in the first set of tracks that you uploaded and they sound fantastic! This has been the easiest experience in dealing with recorded drums that I've ever had. I just put them in and they shine!



Nathaniel Johnstone

Nathaniel Johnstone Band

I had a great session at Dave's. The studio is super comfortable and made for a great end product. Klein is the master of his domain and got the job done with a quickness. If Dave will take you, use him!

Brandden Blackwell

45 Grave

The Vooduo were fortunate to have recorded not one but two cd's with Dave Klein. He has a great understanding for a broad range of musical styles which helped us capture just the sound we were looking for. His suggestions were on point and we felt at ease leaving many decisions in his hands. 

Heidi “Neidi Night” Eidson

The Vooduo

When the Ding Dong Devils got to a point where we had the requisite material to record an album, we brainstormed over who we should work with in the studio. We’d all had experiences with a variety of people in past bands and were happy enough with each of them, but we decided we were beyond settling for “happy enough” with this new project. We’d all heard really good things about Mr. Klein’s prowess behind the controls and we all respected his musicianship with bands like the Bomboras, the Finks, the Witchdoctors and the Ghastly Ones. One of us approached him, he found time for us and we haven’t looked back! From our first tentative tiki garage album, “Tassels, Mai-Tais and Mischief,” to our sophomore room crawler, “Hello Little Olives!,” to our latest Moais in outer space themed, “Space Fezcapade,” Dave has been there to assimilate the raw sounds, help us realize our full potential, prod us to go the extra mile and capture the results in the finest sonic groove imaginable! Dave doesn’t just turn the machine on and turn you loose; he makes sure everything is comfortable, easy to hear and always in tune. He has a remarkable ear and isn’t shy about suggesting subtle changes that might make a so so song a stunner. Of course, the decision to throw in that exotic instrument, try that swinging rhythmic rave up or add that atmospheric dynamic arrangement is always yours! Dave is that rare breed who strives to make sure everything that is released with his name associated with it is something he’d be proud of. If you want to get your album back from the pressing plant and say something along the lines of, “Holy Cow! That’s me??! I didn’t know I had it in me!!” you should give Dave Klein Recording a go. Our next album is going to be a jivey jungle juke box and Dave Klein is going to twiddle all the knobs!!

Edwin “Rama Lama” Letcher

The Ding Dong Devils

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